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Thinking about Hiring a Pool Company? Consider These Four Things

There’s almost as many pool companies as there are types of pools. What should you look for when choosing a pool builder

Usually, it’s easier to identify what you want for your pool, rather than what you should look for in a company. So why not partner with a pool company that takes out the guesswork and can design your pool to be exactly what you’re imagining? 

We hope you’ll consider partnering with the team at Darlington Designs, New Jersey’s premier design-build outfit. Most pool companies in the area don’t offer both design and build services, characterized by a customized experience from project start to end.

Traditional Pool Building Versus Design-Build

Just a few decades ago, you’d have to separately hire and manage an architect, designer, and contractor for any major renovation project. Currently, there are two major types of construction in the United States: traditional building and design-build.  

Traditional Building 

Also known as “design-bid-build,” the traditional method remains the most common for construction projects across the United States. A design firm is hired to provide ready-to-use design plans and contractors bid against one another to secure the construction work. 

In this model, there is no contractual relationship between the designer and the builder. Therefore, the owner bears all responsibility for coordinating the project and ensuring that building meets the design requirements. Usually, an owner should be prepared to spend time and resources as the middleman throughout the duration of the project. 


By definition, the design-build approach means that just one entity will bear responsibility for the design and construction of your project. This company will perform all services in-house or will subcontract out certain aspects to other companies. However, this company will also manage any subcontractors, giving you a single point of contact for all services. 

A high degree of collaboration occurs among design and construction professionals throughout the process. As the client, that means that you are able to have a higher level of involvement than you would with a traditional construction company. The idea is to create a final product to be as close as possible to the vision you have in mind. 

Experience the Benefits of Design-Build with Darlington Designs

Maybe you don’t want to spend lots of time comparing pool companies. If your biggest priority is realizing the unique vision you have for your new pool, then we highly recommend that you choose a design-build firm. The design-build service at Darlington Designs offers many advantages as compared to traditional pool construction. 

1. The Convenience You Need

Pool surrounded by green plants illuminated for a relaxing evening.Our one-stop-shop approach means that you don’t have to coordinate multiple contractors for different needs. Whether you’re planning to include lush landscaping, add a screened-in porch, or build a kitchenette for outdoor entertainment, Darlington Designs does it all. 

We can incorporate multiple projects into our partnership agreement with you to ensure a coherent final product. By partnering with just one company for all your building needs, you’ll enjoy streamlined service as well as a consistent style throughout the property. 

2. The Most Unique Pool in the Neighborhood

We never build the same pool twice. When you choose design-build, you become intimately involved in the design and planning process. Our expert designers know how to listen well to create a pool design that reflects your unique preferences. 

With almost unlimited variety in terms of shapes, sizes, and features, our pools are customized to match the rest of the property. As the centerpiece of your outdoor space, your new pool will become a gathering-place for special moments with family and friends. 

3. The Ability to Remain in Budget 

Cost overruns are an unfortunate reality for much of the pool building industry. At Darlington Designs, we pride ourselves on a transparent process from start to finish. 

Unlike any other design-build company in the region, we provide you with a preliminary budget from day one. From that point forward, we work with you to create a customized design that remains within your set budget. We do our due diligence to avoid unforeseen costs and provide you with cost-effective options, should the need arise.

4. The Consistent Communication You Can Trust

The advantage of opting for the design-build approach is having a single point of contact throughout the process. At Darlington Designs, you’ll enjoy access to a Designer. As your personal contact, the Designer serves as your point person for all work— from start to finish, as well as making routine visits onsite to ensure compliance with your design agreement. 

Should you wish to upgrade materials, add new features, or make another change request, your Designer will work with you to make the necessary adjustments. You can also contact your point person with any questions along the way. 

A Premier Pool Service at Darlington Designs

A pool builder like no other, Darlington Designs brings more than 15 years of design-build and expert craftsmanship to each project. We make your vision for a pool space into a reality by working closely with you, focusing on transparency and thoroughness throughout the design process. If you’re interested in learning more about what our premier service looks like, we encourage you to download our complimentary eBook, 38 Questions To Ask Your Pool Contractor. If you’re ready to schedule a design consultation, please give us a call at 856-442-0440.