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Outdoor living reaches a whole new level when you add a pool into the mix. There’s nothing quite like a swimming pool to add a touch of elegance and fun to your outdoor space. Surrounded by the amenities of home and the beauty of a natural setting, a pool is the ideal gathering place for moments with loved ones. That’s our vision at Darlington Designs — and we’re ready to make it a reality for you. 

Today, homeowners are eager to turn their backyards into mini resorts that mimic the far-flung destinations they’ve visited. Who’s to say that your outdoor living space can’t be all that you loved about your last vacation and more— but without the inconvenience of long flights and expensive hotel bills? A gorgeous outdoor space that’s all your own is an investment in happiness and a refuge to escape the stresses of daily life.  

At Darlington Designs, we build different types of pools to match the style and personality of your home. Our customized approach means that we never build the same pool twice— because we believe that your outdoor space should reflect your unique vision. Before pool construction begins, we develop a one-of-a-kind design in close consultation with you. You’ll be asked about your preferences for the patio, gardening, and outdoor additions, as well as the type of pool you have in mind. 

Types of Pool Design

Darlington Designs brings more than 15 years of experience to pool design and building. We offer a variety of types of pools, customizing each to draw out the unique features of your property. Here are a few types of pool designs that our customers often ask us about: 

Gunite Pool

Three children sitting on edge of pool kicking feet in the water.Gunite inground swimming pools are popular in much of the United States. Durability and flexibility are often cited as the major advantages of Gunite pools. Because they can fit into any desired shape or space available, the possibilities are endless!

To build the pool, the construction crew digs a hole and assembles a rebar framework made up of steel reinforcing rods. Once the rods are in place, a mixture of sand and cement is sprayed at high pressure. This method lends robustness to the pool, ensuring that it will last. Plus, its natural appearance will complement any landscaping well. 

Darlington Designs offers two types of gunite pools. Our Signature Gunite is a mid-level offering with a quality level well above the price point of its competitors. We utilize a time-tested model in the industry to ensure a high-integrity build while keeping to modest finishes. To keep costs down, we rely on more sub-contractors to perform different parts of the construction. This pool comes with mid-level finishes, such as quartz plaster. 

Our Premier Gunite is your option for a completely customized pool experience. Each pool is built in-house by our team of professionals and includes far more technology than you’ll find elsewhere. With our trademark craftsmanship and elegant finishes, the Premier Gunite offers an uncompromising standard through personalized design. 

Vinyl Liner Pool 

Vinyl liner pools provide almost unlimited options in terms of size, shape, and features. You can choose from a variety of vinyl patterns for the visual appearance you most prefer. Vinyl liner pools are attractive, smooth to the touch, and nonporous, which means they don’t absorb chemicals. Thus, they are less expensive to maintain and less prone to algae growth. A vinyl inground swimming pool typically involves the lowest initial cost compared to other types of pools, and take the shortest amount of time from project start to finish. 

For clients looking for a more economical option, Darlington Designs offers a top-notch pool called the Aquacrete vinyl system. The quality of our Aquacrete is levels above other vinyl systems on the market. Consisting of 10 inches of thick poured concrete walls, the pool can be formed in dozens of different styles and shapes. The liner is precision laser-cut to fit the pool foundation perfectly, and there are few limitations to the features that can be added. 

For example, a sun shelf (also called a baja or tanning shelf) is a flat, shallow area that takes up less space than a beach entry.  Adding a sun shelf can make your pool look more upscale while also providing a convenient space to relax in the water without going all the way in. Due to its shallow depth, a sun shelf allows handicapped people, children, and even pets to enjoy time in the water. Features like a sun shelf or a beach entry can easily be added to our Aquacrete design, unlike many of the other vinyl pools available from other pool builders.

Types of Swimming Pools at Darlington Designs 

At Darlington Designs, our goal is simple: we want to give you the pool of your dreams. We start by reviewing the different types of pools with you. From there, we’ll explore the customizable options for your chosen pool type in terms of shape, size, landscaping, entertainment features, and sitting areas. Our experienced designers are able to offer recommendations to build a beautiful outdoor space that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. 

Are you ready to begin planning your pool project? Don’t trust this important job to just anyone. The experts at Darlington Design can guarantee a high-quality result, thanks to our commitment to craftsmanship, precision, and quality materials. To schedule a design consultation, please give us a call at 856-442-0440.