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Must-Ask Questions for Your Landscape Project – Part 2

For this part of our monthly blog, we’ll talk about ”Must-Ask Questions for Your Landscape Project” as they pertain to new installations.

“How do we make the best use of our space?” In the initial meetings, you want the design/build firm you are meeting with to come up with ideas that you have not thought of and to point out any areas of concern as they apply to the construction of your project. They should also be able to give you some price ranges for your work scope based on similar projects they may have done.

“Do we need permits for our project? And how do we get them?” The permit process can be confusing and complex, depending on the project. A full-service design/build firm should help obtain permits and speak with the building and zoning office about your project.

“Describe what the construction process will be like?” You want to know the progression of the work. At Darlington Designs, the first part of the project is the site work, which is preparing the work area for a new project. This can include removing old concrete or an old deck. The next step could be to install any drains that will allow downspout water to move away from the foundation of the home. There will also be excavation if the project includes hardscape work or a swimming pool. The type of project will dictate the steps involved. The contractor you choose should be able to accurately and clearly explain the construction process and answer any questions you may have. At the end of the project, there should be some lawn repair either will seed or new sod, to help return the site to good condition.

“Will the area be safe for my family during the process?” You will want to know that the site will be left as free of trash and debris as possible. You will want to ensure that any needed temporary fencing is installed around the perimeter of a pool if that is part of the project or if pets or small children need to have some access to the back yard. Another important consideration is the temporary locations for your grill and other outdoor furnishings during construction.

“What if I want to add extra components to my project. How does that work?” Very often, clients expand on their original work scope. You will want to know how much longer your extra work will add to the time line and how it will be executed.

Next Month: How Design/Build Landscape Teams view your project.