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The best poolscapes look effortlessly beautiful, but they represent the perfect fusion of art, architecture, and engineering. 

Darlington Designs creates one-of-a-kind luxury pools for clients across New Jersey. We apply expert craftsmanship to various types of inground pools, customized to match your vision for outdoor living

Our goal? To build the space you’ve always imagined, where you’ll build memories with loved ones to last a lifetime. Because it’s not just a matter of arriving at your property and installing the pool. Pool construction should integrate engineering with art to create a completely unique space.

When it’s done right, your inground swimming pool becomes the stunning centerpiece of your backyard getaway. Who says you have to travel to experience paradise? With Darlington Designs, you can make your backyard into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of–yet with the comfortable familiarity of home.

We take a design-build approach to be able to ensure quality at each stage of the pool installation. By designing each pool in-house and overseeing the project to completion, we can deliver a result that represents the best in both engineering and craftsmanship. Our team of professionals brings substantive experience and high-level skills to the fore when carrying out different types of pool design.

What Is the Best Type of Inground Swimming Pool?

Have you begun thinking about the type of inground pool you want? With Darlington Designs, the possibilities are truly endless. Depending on the kind of space you’re trying to create, we can build your pool in almost any shape and size, with plenty of options in pool features: 

      • A rocky gunite pool with a grotto opening in a natural setting. Beach entry. Also known as zero entry, this feature is a big trend in the pool world right now. You might have experienced a beach entry at a high-end water resort or at a waterpark. Essentially, it’s a sloped entry into the pool that allows you to take your time getting into the water. A pool with a beach entry mimics the feeling of the ocean by providing a slope that begins with zero water– hence the name “zero entry.” 
      • Lagoon entry. Lagoon swimming pools create the feeling of a backyard oasis with their tropical, natural vibes. Their free form shaping lends an organic feel to the pool with gentle curves and swoops, along with a zero-entry that imitates the look of a natural lagoon. 
      • Sun shelf. Also known as a tanning or baja shelf, this pool feature allows you to relax in the pool early in the day, before the water in the deep end has warmed up. A sun shelf is a shallow area of the pool that takes up less space than a beach entry. Pool owners choose to incorporate this feature so they can lounge in the pool without going all the way into the water. It’s also a great option if you’d like to create an area for small children or pets to enjoy.
      • Grotto/waterfall. A grotto is a cave-like structure that functions as a waterfall. It can vary in shape and size and may feature a space below the waterfall where swimmers can enter. Designed to blend naturally with the surrounding landscape, a grotto waterfall adds punch to any pool. 
      • Slides. The best slides take pool enjoyment to the next level by bringing an element of fun for both adults and children! Pool slides can be built in different shapes and at different heights, depending on the type of swimming pool you have. 
      • Heating capacity. Who says that swimming is only a summer activity? With a heated pool, you can continue enjoying your pool or spa well into the cold months of the year. 

At Darlington Designs, we offer three main types of swimming pool construction which are tailored to match the style of your property. Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for one of these levels: 

Aquacrete Vinyl Pool 

The Aquacrete system is our entry level pool for budget-sensitive projects. As a Darlington Design creation, the Aquacrete is a top-end pick among vinyl swimming pools. You will not find a higher quality vinyl system anywhere else. The pool consists of 10-inch thick poured concrete, which are then formed into walls. The liner has a heavy mil weight to ensure its durability, making it last longer than the vinyl liners that other companies are installing. Each liner is precision laser cut for an impeccable fit with the pool base. 

There are dozens of shapes and styles available in the Aquacrete family, allowing for easy customization to your preferences. We’ve made it possible for you to add features that usually aren’t available for vinyl pools, such as a sun shelf or swim-out benches. With very few limitations in add-ons, the Aquacrete is an excellent option for anyone looking for an upscale vinyl swimming pool.

Signature Gunite Pool 

The Signature Gunite is our mid-level offering for those who want a gunite pool, which is built on a rebar framework sprayed over with a concrete and sand mixture. This method is superior to a traditional poured concrete pool, which relies on a wooden framework to hold its shape. Gunite offers durability as well as versatility, as gunite pools can be made in a wide array of shapes. 

The quality level of a Darlington gunite is much higher than that offered by other pool builders at the same price. Designed to compete with premier pool companies on price, the Signature Pool follows a time-tested model for construction while keeping to modest finishes. Like most gunite pools in this class, construction relies more heavily on outsourced subcontractors. Darlington Designs selects and manages all subcontractors throughout the project’s duration.

Gunite offers a flexibility in that you can choose from a variety of finishes according to your specific taste and budget. For example, plaster finishes can come in an array of shades to match the rest of your outdoor living area. The Signature Pool is generally made with mid-level finishes, such as the quartz plaster finish.

Premier Gunite Pool

The Premier Gunite is our highest level offering for a completely customized pool experience. Building is carried out almost exclusively in-house by our team of professionals to guarantee a superior quality standard. The Premier Gunite also includes far more technological features than most pools you’ll find on the market. Here are just a few options in upgrades that can make this pool so special: 

      • In-floor self-cleaning system for maximum efficiency and heat retention
      • Top level pentair filtration, pumps, and heaters
      • Chemical management system to automate water chemistry management
      • Ultraviolet and ozone sterilizing systems
      • Remote smart device control
      • Color changing LEDs
      • Upgraded plumbing size for optimized hydraulics and efficiency
      • Patented QuickSkim Ultra skimmers that operate at peak efficiency in conjunction with speed pumps 
      • Upgrade rebar throughout shell
      • Custom rock shelves to recess boulder work into the pool
      • Upgraded Bluestone coping system with rock faced edge treatments
      • Complete waterproofing system to protect the plaster finish

The finishes on the Premier Gunite are levels above what other builders typically provide. For example, the Wet Edge Signature Matrix Plaster Finish is a small-to-medium pebble finish with a duration of 15-20 years. All Premier finishes give your swimming pool a unique, high-end aesthetic.

Ready to begin planning your inground swimming pool with Darlington Designs? We invite you to schedule your free design consultation by calling 856-442-0440. And, don’t miss out on our complimentary eBook, “38 Questions to Ask Your Pool Contractor.”