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Planning for a Pool: What You Need to Know

What To Expect When Building a Pool

As spring turns into summer, we’re all thinking about how to maximize time outside (especially after the months of isolation and quarantine at home). Many of us are feeling the need of a welcoming outdoor space even more keenly. The good news? No matter the characteristics of your property, a pool is sure to bring refreshment into tired spaces. The crystal clarity of water reflecting the sunlight, the prospect of an invigorating dip—these are a few things our clients look forward to as they await the opening of their new pool.

And truly, there’s a swimming pool for every outdoor space. 

Planning for a pool should be undertaken with expert assistance, because each pool design should fit neatly into its surroundings. At Darlington Designs, we believe that customization is key in creating a poolscape that looks effortlessly beautiful. Pool building isn’t just a matter of arriving at your front doorstep and installing a one-size-fits all solution. Rather, the best poolscapes come from careful pool planning that combines art, architecture, and engineering.

When it’s planned out well, a pool becomes a stunning focal point, the ideal centerpiece of a welcoming outdoor space. There’s nothing quite like a swimming pool to bring family members together to relax and make happy memories. Without a pool, your backyard can feel like a stifling room on a hot summer’s day. With a pool, it becomes a gorgeous oasis that everyone can enjoy in their own way.

How to Design a Swimming Pool

At Darlington Designs, we bring a design-build approach to ensure that the pool you choose is tailored to your property. 

The essence of design-build is a unified workflow that starts with your initial concept and concludes with a finished pool. We work closely with you to craft a pool design that our own crew will oversee to completion. That means that all pool planning is original and draws on a variety of shapes, styles, and features.

If you’re wondering what to expect when building a pool, we offer three major types of pool construction. Each of these can be shaped for different spaces and with unique features:

Aquacrete Vinyl System

This pool offers a level of quality that you won’t find elsewhere in the vinyl-pool category. Poured concrete walls 10 inches thick create a solid foundation, which can be adapted in size and shape for different spaces. You’ll have your choice of a variety of vinyl patterns for the liner, which is precision laser-cut to fit with the foundation. 

Signature Gunite

You may have heard of gunite, which is concrete applied with a dry-mix process. The gunite method is preferable over traditional-poured concrete because it uses a strong steel rebar framework. Gunite is highly durable, making it a swimming pool built to last. Our Signature Gunite is a mid-level offering designed to compete on price with luxury pools. 

Premier Gunite

Our Premier Gunite has all the advantages of the Signature Gunite, but with more options for customization. The pool is built almost exclusively by our in-house team, making it the ideal choice for people who have a very specific vision for their poolscape. An impressive array of technological features are also available, such as remote device control, in-floor self cleaning, color changing LEDS, optimized hydraulics, complete waterproofing, and more!

Pool Features to Consider 

One of the most exciting parts of planning for a pool is deciding on pool features. Each pool feature can take a poolscape to the next level of beauty and luxury. Our designers help you to think outside the box by suggesting pool features you might not have considered yet. Here are just a few of our client favorites:

Baja Shelf

In ground pool with built-in rock waterfall. A baja shelf is basically an elongated version of a top step where you can relax half-submerged or dip in and out of the pool. A baja shelf (or sun shelf) can be designed to be as big or small as you like. 


Large, expansive pools are an option for properties with a lot of space. A built-in island is a standout feature that can be used to break up the watery expanse. Aside from providing a focal point, an island offers a surface to recline in the sunshine or enjoy a good drink.

Infinity Edge

Also known as a vanishing edge, the infinity-edge feature is always in high demand. A minimalist deck and sleek pool design set the stage for the illusion of an edge that seems to meld into the horizon. This feature is best suited for properties that can take advantage of a spectacular view. 

Beach Entry

A big trend in the pool world right now, a beach entry is just as it sounds—a sloping entrance that mimics the feel of the shoreline of a beach. Also known as zero-entry, this feature allows you to take your time as you get into the pool. Because the slope is so gradual, it’s convincingly like entering a natural body of water!


The sound of water falling adds motion and rhythm to the poolscape, which is just the kind of refreshment needed on a hot summer’s day. Each waterfall is different, and can include natural elements such as foliage, pebbles, and large rocks. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to creating the waterfall of your dreams! 

Pool Planning with Darlington Designs 

Planning for a pool requires knowledge of engineering and construction principles, as well as some artistic imagination. If you’d like to build a pool of quality that will last, a pool that’s constructed with careful craftsmanship, then we encourage you to work with our team at Darlington Designs. 

Our design process is totally unique, putting you at the center of decision-making. With all the options in pool design today, it would be a shame to invest in a pool that doesn’t meet your expectations or reflect your preferences. That’s why we offer a one-of-a-kind engagement process that allows you to play a central role in planning the pool. To schedule a complimentary consultation, please call us at 856-442-0440

Please note that due to COVID-19, you can trust that we take special precautions to ensure your safety during any in-person meetings.