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Discover Why Darlington Is the Top Choice When Deciding Between Pool Companies in NJ

When Deciding Between Contractors to Hire for Your Dream Pool Project

There are a ton of considerations.

What services do they offer? What are their capabilities? How long have they been in business for? What does their previous work look like? 

There is, however, a significant question you may be missing: Do they design, as well as build, their pools?  

It may not be something most homeowners are aware of, but the majority of pool companies in NJ and beyond do not both design and build their pools. That’s what sets Darlington Designs apart. 

We are a “one-stop shop” that takes full ownership of the entire project from the initial design to the final build. With more than 15 years of experience in custom pool and spa building, as well as outdoor living and construction, we are experts in executing our clients’ visions within their individual budgets. Our work is grounded in communication, ensuring our clients are fully informed and happy every step of the way. 

Full Service Design/Build Firm vs. General Contractor

There are a number of benefits to working with a fully encompassing pool building firm versus a general contractor: 

1.  You Work with One Team Throughout the Entire Process

When you work with Darlington Designs, you work with one team from start to finish. That means that we work with you on the initial design, all the way until the final build. Most general contractors specialize in either the build or design portion of the project, which means they typically outsource another team for the other portions of the project. 

Working with one team versus multiple teams ensures a more seamless process when transitioning from the various stages of the project. There is less room for error in terms of vision and communication. There are also less people, schedules, and teams to coordinate between, relieving any stress and confusion from both the homeowner and contractors. 

2.  More Confidence in Your Team

When you choose to work with Darlington Designs or any other full service firm, you made that choice, which means you must have some level of comfort and confidence in your decision. You performed the research on the contractor, did the vetting, and made the best decision you could. 

When you work with a general contractor that needs to outsource certain services that they don’t provide, there’s an uncertainty about who they’re hiring to execute your project, which can shake your confidence a bit. 

3.  A boy and a girl stand near the edge of a custom-built, in-ground pool in a backyard, watching another little girl jump into the pool with custom fountains streaming into pool. Better Ability to Remain in Budget

Setting a budget is one of the most important parts of the project. It determines all of the logistical components of the process. When working with one team, they have a better sense of how to best allocate your budget in the design and build processes. Since they drew up the designs, they have a better grounding in what it takes to create and build the designs, and can work effectively around the set budget.  

When multiple contractors are working together, there can easily be a miscommunication or a lack thereof, which can ultimately end up hurting your budget. 

4.   Better Communication

When there is just one team to work with, there is a more accessible channel of communication for you to utilize. They can provide the most accurate status updates, and answer any questions you may have. 

While you can just as easily communicate with general contractors, they may not all be fully aware as to where the other team is in the process, and getting a clear cut answer may be a bit more of a challenge. 

5.   Less Liability 

Part of your initial vetting process should be confirming that your contractor-for-hire is properly licensed and insured (we at Darlington Designs are fully licensed and insured). This is critical to ensuring that if an accident or other incident happens on the job, that the appropriate party is responsible

When working with traditional general contractors, you may confirm that the initial contractor-for-hire is properly licensed and insured, but the other workers they outsource to complete additional jobs may not be. 

It is also important to note that any and all liability claims and responsibilities should always be specified in writing via a detailed contract. Be sure to read your contract very carefully no matter who you choose! 

The Choice Is Clear for Pool Companies in NJ

The benefits of working with a full service design/build firm exceed those of working with a traditional general contractor. 

Darlington Designs is ready to start your project…are you?

At Darlington Designs, we’re committed to making your pool dream a reality. Contact us today at info@darlington-designs.com or call us at 856-442-0440. We proudly serve local neighborhoods in southern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia region. 

Also, feel free to contact us via our project form on our site. The project form can be found at the bottom of our Pools & Spas page