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What an Outdoor Living Space Can Do for Your Family

Most families have a designated “family room” or “playroom” in their homes where families can spend quality time together and create memories. 

Did you ever think that another great family room could be hiding in plain sight? Right in your backyard? 

Transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space will give your family the opportunity to enjoy time together in all new ways! 

Darlington Designs has more than 15 years of experience in designing and building outdoor living spaces, as well as home construction projects and pools and spas

As a “one-stop-shop” for our clients, we streamline the design and build processes to provide maximum time and cost efficiencies. We keep a constant, open line of communication with our clients, ensuring they are informed and happy every step of the way. 

How an Outdoor Living Space Can Bring Your Family Together

The possibilities of an outdoor living space are vast. They can be as simple as adding flowers or grass to a landscape, or as complex as adding hardscaping or structures. Aside from the aesthetic value these additions can bring, they provide a new outdoor living space for the family to create unforgettable memories. 

Below, we’ll delve into some unexpected ways an outdoor living space can increase family time well spent. 

  1. Making S’mores by the Fire Pit

Installing a fire pit in your backyard is a great place for the family to gather! It gives you the opportunity to sit around the fire together on chillier nights and talk, tell stories, or even make s’mores! 

  1. Playing Board Games in the Gazebo

You play board games in the house, why not outside? Bugs could be a big reason for that, or even rain. Building a screened in outdoor gazebo will protect you from the elements (and insects), so you can focus on building quality family time rather than swatting the mosquitos away! 

  1. Gardening in the Yard

We can install the landscaping for you (such as the trees and flowers), but it will give you and your family the opportunity to care for the greenery together! You can even get them involved in the initial design process by having them select their favorite flowers (or favorite colors). We can also build a garden, where you and your family can plant your favorite vegetables and fruits, care for them, and then use them to cook together! 

  1. Triangle-shaped, lit concrete fire pit surrounded by concrete bench in home backyard. Cooking in the Outdoor Kitchen

There’s nothing like cooking with your loved ones. You can do so much more than grill outside! We can build fully-functional kitchens, equipped with burners, sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even pizza ovens! Not to mention, think about all of the mess it’ll save you from trying to cook together inside the confines of your indoor kitchen! 

  1. Caring for Fish in a Koi Pond

Adding a koi pond can provide some much needed tranquility in your backyard. Housing some fish in the pond can add to its tranquility, as well as give you and your family the opportunity to care for your new “pets!” 

  1. Hosting More Parties

An upgraded outdoor living space gives you the opportunity to host more events and extended family gatherings! 

  1. Watching the Family’s Favorite TV Show

We can install a TV in your covered outdoor living space (should you choose to build one or already have one) and it can replicate your home’s living room! Here, the family can watch their favorite TV shows and sporting events, laughing and cheering as a unit. We can also build a TV in its own, standalone cabana to watch from anywhere in the yard! 

Outdoor Living Designed By YOU

Every space is what you make of it, so that’s why we encourage our clients to make a space that reflects their aspirations, vision, and personality. 

What is the purpose of your outdoor living space? What do you plan on using it for? What do you hope it brings to your house? 

If the answer is family bonding, we’re experts in creating spaces that foster this special quality time. 

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