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Seven New Home Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Backyard into a Vacation Spot

Whether you’re settling down in your new home or getting ready to sell, home renovation can add significant value to your space. While most homeowners tend to focus on interior renovations, such as a fresh coat of paint or a room renovation, renovating the exterior of your home can provide just as much (if not more) value! 

We are always dreaming of an escape in the form of a vacation or getaway, but why can’t that be right in your backyard? Darlington Designs is constantly researching the latest new home renovation ideas and incorporating them into all of our clients’ projects. 

Whether you are ready to splurge or have a strict budget to uphold, Darlington Designs can execute your vision just as you want. With more than 15 years of experience in home renovation design and build, our “one-stop-shop” approach creates a seamless experience for our clients, ensuring their happiness and inclusion every step of the way. 

Below, we’ll delve into different home renovation ideas that will transform your backyard into the oasis of your dreams! 

Seven New Home Renovation Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

No matter what your budget is, Darlington Designs can work with you to find a way to incorporate one of these new home renovation ideas into your backyard. 

1. Alternative Landscaping

Setting the scene of your backyard all starts with the grounds. While landscaping isn’t a new idea, the wide range of landscaping options has vastly increased! Most think of landscaping as grass and greenery, which it is, but it can be so much more than that! You can now incorporate rock formations, waterfalls, koi ponds, palm trees, or even sand, depending on what you envision as your ideal backyard oasis. Not to mention, well-maintained landscaping can increase your home’s value up to 10%.

2. Raised Garden Beds

Every vacation includes delicious dining experiences. Nothing tastes better than fresh, home-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs! Traditional gardening can be cumbersome, a bit messy, and can be strenuous on your body. With raised garden beds, you add a neat contained space for your garden to grow that is easy for you to manage, and can be designed to add a nice aesthetic element to your backyard. 

Plus, with the world heading towards more self-reliance and sustainability, adding a garden to your backyard can not only add value to you and your family’s quality of life, but also the overall value of your home. 

3. Eye-Catching Seating

While traditional chairs are the most common and easily portable form of seating, you can really upgrade the relaxation vibes in your backyard through alternative seating options. This can include floating sofas, hammocks, geometric couches, daybeds, or luxury lounge chairs. 

4. An Outdoor Kitchen

Vegetable and plant raised garden beds in a backyard.While most on vacation want to be served, cooking your own meals in a gourmet outdoor kitchen can be a fun experience! Outdoor kitchens today are more than just a grill. They can be fully-functional kitchens, equipped with burners, sinks, refrigerators, dishwashers, and even pizza ovens! Imagine using your fresh ingredients picked from the garden and using them to cook in your very own outdoor kitchen? It’s like a gourmet cooking class without the hefty price tag. 

Plus, this can extend even further to include a full-service bar, which can even be built into an in-ground pool! 

5. Indoor/Outdoor Cabana

This space can give you the best of both worlds (indoor/outdoor) and be customized to fit your needs and style. You can incorporate mood lighting, lounge chairs, and a straw roof to give your space a resort-feel, or go for a more solid structure where you can include a fireplace, TV, or speakers for music. 

6. Built-in Outdoor Gaming

While vacation prioritizes relaxing, it also prioritizes fun! Incorporating gaming into your backyard can be a fun way to escape from daily responsibilities and spend quality time with your family. Gaming spaces you can build include: a bocce court, volleyball, badminton, tennis, croquet, ping pong, life-size checkers/chess, shuffleboard, horseshoes, etc. 

7. Pool & Spa

What’s a vacation without somewhere to cool off? Again, although not novel, with today’s construction advancements and innovations, pool options are better than ever, and can be the perfect addition to your own personal getaway! There are lap pools, plunge pools, infinity pools, saltwater pools, pools with advanced LED lighting, built-in pool bars, pools with fire pits, and the list goes on! 

Your At-Home Vacation Awaits…

These are just a few of the new home renovation ideas that have been circulating in our area of expertise. Have a unique idea in mind? We want to hear it. 

We are always looking to take on a new challenge to add to our growing list of successfully completed projects. 

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