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Building a Better Pool: Seven New Trends in Modern Pool Designs and Technologies

New Trends in Modern Pool Designs and Technologies Are Emerging by the Minute

Whether you already have a pool or are interested in building a new one, why not incorporate the latest modern pool designs and technologies? 

Unsure of what those are? Darlington Designs has you covered. 

With more than 15 years of experience in custom pool and spa building, as well as outdoor living and construction, we make it our business to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the latest trends and technologies in our industry. As a “one-stop-shop,” we handle the entire project from the initial design to the final build. This gives us the ability to provide you with the most accurate estimates, budgeting guidelines, and updates regarding your project.

There are a number of trends emerging in 2020, however, we will go over the seven most popular. 

1. Built-In Ledges and Bars

Have you ever been in the pool, and wish you could instantly have a drink served to you? Then the built-in bar is for you. With the ability to be fully customizable, this concept involves a swim-up bar countertop with stools built into the pool. You no longer have to subject yourself to the discomfort of walking around and sitting in a wet bathing suit to grab a drink. You can even take it a step further and incorporate a sunk-in outdoor kitchen attached to the bar. 

2. Dark Interior Pools

Pools normally have bright blue or white-colored interiors, making the color of the water more vivid. However, a new trend sees pool owners asking for darker interiors, such as dark blues, greens, and even blacks. This sleek style evokes the look of a lagoon or the ocean at night. 

Dirt and debris won’t show as much, plus, the darker color attracts the sun’s rays better than a lighter-colored pool, meaning it will cost less to heat up your pool. 

3. Fire and Water

This trend is all about aesthetics and will put on the ultimate display. There are many different ways to incorporate a fire element into your pool, such as a built-in fire pit or fireplace. Not to mention, it can provide some warmth (depending on its location) on cooler nights. 

4. Small Pools

“The bigger the better” used to be the motto of pools. Now, pool owners are moving in the opposite direction and favoring smaller pools. Smaller pools provide many benefits, including less maintenance, needing less space, and cost less to heat. They are very customizable, and can even be built indoors in some cases! 

5. Saltwater Pools

For those interested in lessening their chemical and chlorine use, saltwater pools are spiking in popularity. Aside from being healthier for you and your family, saltwater pools are much easier to maintain. Your pool isn’t full of ocean water, though. 

A salt-chlorine generator is installed, and converts inputted salt into chlorine. This is used in place of traditional chlorine tablets. While your pool is technically not chlorine-free, the chlorine generated from the salt is produced in smaller doses and added to the pool on a steady basis. 

6. Energy & Maintenance Reduction 

Small, rectangle in-ground luxury pool with an adjacent lit fire pit.Pools do take time and energy to properly maintain. Thanks to recent advancements and innovations though, pool owners are able to significantly reduce their time and money spent. 

Switching to other chlorination alternatives, such as UV rays, minerals, or saltwater pools mentioned above, can greatly reduce maintenance and costs. Also, almost all pool maintenance activities can now be electronically automated and managed. This includes the management of the pool filter, heater, temperature, chemicals, and even the pool cover.

Automating these processes reduces waste, as well as saves you time and energy. 

7. Smart LED Lighting

Pool lighting has been around for a while, but recent advancements have allowed pool owners to take it to a whole new level. 

You are no longer limited to just one color, one setting, or one brightness. Pool lighting can now be completely customizable and can be changed throughout the day to your liking, depending on the occasion or time of day. This is not only an added aesthetic that’s sure to wow guests, but will keep your pool feeling fresh to you and your family. 

Turn to the Experts in Modern Pool Designs

Pools are no longer limited in terms of size, shape, aesthetics, and possibilities. 

We have the tools at our disposal to build your unique pool project! 

The only question is…are you ready? 

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