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Seven Creative Ideas From Your Local NJ Landscape Designers

Nothing says luxury like a lush backyard, especially one filled with gorgeous landscaping ideas. Landscape design integrates a variety of elements to make outdoor spaces both more usable and relaxing. With well-designed landscaping, you can transform any boring patch into a dreamy escape where you can entertain friends, take a dip in the swimming pool, or lounge with your favorite book.

Darlington Designs offers premier landscaping services for the NJ area with an emphasis on one-of-a-kind designs. Our strength is uncovering your dream and turning it into a reality by working closely with you. As leading landscape designers in NJ, we are known for our superb workmanship and commitment to excellence.

Wanting to spend time in an inviting outdoor space isn’t mere frivolity. Research has shown time and again that exposure to natural elements is important to our well being. A recent study published in the journal Nature, suggests that spending at least 120 minutes in natural environments weekly, can enhance happiness and physical health. 

Greater exposure to nature correlates with a lower risk for many health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and mental distress. And, what better place to do that than in your own backyard, where you can retreat for hours on a warm summer’s day? Investing in your outdoor space is also a way to invest in your relationships by giving you the perfect spot for making memories.

Professional Landscape Designs for a Completely Unique Space

As you think about what YOUR ideal backyard should look like, these seven stunning landscape ideas are sure to get you inspired. Whether you’re looking for creative plant ideas, how to landscape around a pool, or tasteful ways to integrate a firepit into your space, your local NJ landscape designers are here to help!

1. Light

Using light effectively brings colors and textures to life in a landscape. One option is to play with natural light. For example, you can place trees along an east-west line to get a silhouette effect from the backlighting of the rising or setting sun. Incorporate artificial lighting to produce a soft sparkle at strategic points—you’ll be amazed at how this produces a transformation into a luminous nighttime garden! 

2. Contrast

While contrast is an easy enough concept to grasp, implementing it well takes some skill. You can achieve contrast by mingling plants with different textures; for example, combine the softness of Hakone grass with the hard lines of hostas. You might want to create contrast with color, as well. Using the hosta example, you can combine multiple colors of green and purple in a single bed. Contrast should be carefully counterbalanced with repetitive elements for a sense of visual unity. 

3. Repetition

Repetition helps to draw your garden together into a cohesive whole. By repeating the same lines, shapes, colors, plants, and materials throughout the landscape, you’ll achieve a sense of unity and balance. Also, choosing certain styles for garden architecture and benches can enhance the effect by bringing out those repetitive elements. 

4. Fire Pits

Green garden with varied bushes surround a beautiful lawn, with a curved path on the left leading to a stone staircase.A natural gathering-place, a fire pit makes for an inviting atmosphere in your backyard. Depending on the size of the property and how you plan to use it, a firepit can be a focal point visible from the house or a hidden destination. Put it right outside the house on the patio for an extra outdoor room, or far off against a backdrop of trees for a clandestine getaway. Accent pillows and elegant plantings add even more aesthetic appeal. The options for fire pit styles are nearly limitless!

5. Distinctive Forms

Form is another medium to consider when planning a landscape. Strong forms make a landscape design distinctive and memorable when so many plants look like jumbles of shapes. For example, you can add geometric elements such as the cone shape of pruned trees or the rectangles of a stone pathway. At its best, form incorporates that extra-special something for a cohesive and totally unique design.

6. Proportion

Proportion refers to the relative size of one item compared to another. Having a good sense of proportion is key to developing an attractive outdoor space. For example, trees that are not well-managed might conceal or draw attention away from the delicate annual flowers you want to highlight. This is especially true if you have a tree near a garden bed. 

As a rule of thumb, the height of any plant should be limited to two-thirds the depth of the bed. Altering proportion in certain ways could be just what you need to transform the feel of your space!

7. Pool Landscaping

Depending on your property’s characteristics and the type of pool, there are a variety of options for pool landscaping. You could go for a natural look with creeping plants, flowering ground cover, and rocks. 

If you prefer a traditional style, boxwood hedges and a luxurious green lawn add timeless elegance to the poolscape. Or, use terraced gardens to surround your pool with a colorful infusion of plants. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a poolscape where you’ll enjoy life’s best moments with loved ones.

Where Can I Find the Best Landscape Designer Near Me?

Did these ideas fire up your imagination for what could be? At Darlington Designs, we’re all about helping you discover the hidden potential of your outdoor space. Even a seemingly nondescript backyard can become a lush oasis with the help of our expert landscape architects

We develop professional landscape designs that apply these ideas to your particular property so that you can enjoy a beautiful space for years to come. Are you ready to bring your outdoor space to the next level? Set up your design consultation by calling us at 856-442-0440.