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Why It’s Important to Rejuvenate Your Lawn This Fall

Fall is quickly approaching. If you’ve been thinking about rejuvenating your South Jersey lawn, now is the time to plan. Don’t procrastinate!

Believe it or not, early fall is the most ideal time of year to get your lawn full and healthy. Why? After the summer heat has passed for the year, the growing conditions are the best. This time of year gives you the longest period of time to establish healthy root systems in the new lawn before the next summer’s heat comes around again.

At Darlington Designs, we offer over-seeding and slice seeding depending on the lawns needs in conjunction with core aerating, de-thatching, lime application, and fertilizing. We adjust these services annually based on your specific lawn’s needs, because we know not all lawns are created equal.

Your fall lawn project will also need a top, reliable turf program to properly fertilize your lawn with all the nutrients it needs to stay green and vibrant. When those services listed above are done in conjunction with our six-step turf program, the results will amaze you.

In other words, we have you covered – but be sure to act now. Don’t wait to plan your lawn rejuvenation, South Jersey! Before you know it, fall will already have arrived. We need your help in ensuring we service your lawn at the best time of the year. Let us help keep your landscape beautiful.

Fortunately, most lawns don’t need serious work every single fall if you hire a quality, experienced landscaping company; a thick, dense, healthy lawn requires just a basic over-seeding in the fall to maintain it’s luster. However, if quality service isn’t assured and met, you risk spend more money to bolster your lawn again the following year. Save time and energy by counting on us, rather than risking quality with another South Jersey landscaping service.

Our South Jersey landscaping services will help you every step of the way as well; not only during the fall. That’s why we offer year-round lawn services, such as grading, sodding, and seeding. Let our landscaping experts help maintain your lawn while you spend weekends with your family.

You can let Darlington Designs’ landscaping services take care of all the legwork for you. Don’t wait to plan your next fall lawn rejuvenation project. Call 1-877-DarDes1 today to schedule for more information.