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With springs arrival comes that time of year to start thinking about the health of your lawn! Darlington Designs has started step 1 of our 6 Step Turf Program (learn more about this process on our maintenance page) . Our step 1 application is specially formulated to feed your turf with the much needed nutrients to start back its growth while at the same time providing a pre-emergent broadleaf weed control to help control early germination of many of the common broadleaf weeds found in turf. Timing is critical for this application with the ground temperatures starting to rise. Most turf growth and weed growth really takes off once the ground temperatures reach a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit so having a preventative control in place prior to that is crucial.

Call today to sign up for your 6 Step Turf Program to get the most out of your lawn this year! Call 1-877-DarDes1

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