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Seven Upgrades That Make Dream Pools Even Dreamier

When you build a pool from scratch, it can be anything you want it to be. 

The possibilities are endless. Coupled with all of the latest advancements and technologies in construction, builders are able to bring dream pools to life better than ever. 

Darlington Designs has been specializing in the design and build of unique pools and spas for over 15 years. Our “one-stop-shop” methodology of working allows you to work with one, dedicated team throughout the entire project—from the initial design to the final build. This gives us the ability to provide you with the most accurate estimates, budgeting guidelines, and updates regarding your project.

From Dream Pool to Reality Pool

Dream pools are our specialty, so we’ve compiled seven of the latest upgrades you can incorporate into your pool design to make your pool even more magnificent. 

1. Beach Entry

You daydream about going on vacation to the beach, why not incorporate some of those elements into your personal pool? Also known as zero-entry, a beach entry involves a gradual descending entry into the pool with no step-down. 

Beach entries provide an elegant aesthetic, while also allowing you the opportunity to really amp up the design element of your pool! You can add stones to the entry, a sand design, or even add a small wave mechanism, allowing for small ripples to come crashing at the start of the entry. 

2. Sun Shelf

Instead of lounging by the pool, lounge in it (and not in a plastic floaty). Also known as a Baja shelf or tanning shelf, a sun shelf is an upraised, flat, shallow area in the pool. They allow pool owners to be in the pool without being fully submerged. Sun shelves add a luxurious element to a new or existing pool, and can be customized to suit your needs! This can include a built-in umbrella, lounge chairs, or water massage jets. 

3. Fire Element

Fire and water are the yin and yang of the pool design world. This trend is all about aesthetics and will provide the ultimate display. There are many different ways to incorporate a fire element into your pool, such as a built-in fire pit or fireplace. It also makes swimming more comfortable on cooler nights by providing some necessary warmth! 

4. Waterfall

Waterfalls can add a relaxing and naturistic feel to your pool. Usually built with rocks or boulders (real or faux), the waterfall can be designed to be as grand or petite as you would like. You can even take your waterfall one step further and transform it into a grotto. 

A grotto is a nook or cavern-like space beneath the waterfall that’s large enough to swim into. This private retreat can include seats, lighting, or even jets! 

5. Water Features

Inground pool with curved, silver sculpture releasing water into the pool, surrounded by a rock formation. There are countless ways to incorporate decorative water features into your pool, including: 

    • Sconces
      These decorative elements attached to the pool walls release a narrow stream of water.
    • Statuaries
      These statues or figurines often artfully shoot out water into the pool.
    • Bubblers
      Small jets in the shallow portion of the pool shoot water upward in a decorative fashion. 
    • Fountains
      Typically a large, upward stream of water is customized in intensity, size, and design, according to your preferences.
    • Water Walls
      These large, flat walls are erected at the edge of the pool, designed for water to artfully pour down. 
    • Scuppers
      Similar to sconces, scuppers refer to slots or spouts attached to the wall. 
    • Misting Systems
      This nature-inspired feature creates a fog-like element that can cool the immediate surrounding area up to 30 degrees. 
6. Floating Step Stones

Ever dream of walking on water? With floating step stones, you can! These eye-catching elements can provide easy access to other areas of your backyard, such as a spa, bar, or seating area, and allow pool owners the opportunity to get a little wet without needing to be fully submerged. 

7. Smart LED Lighting

Pool lighting has been around for a while, but with recent advancements, pool owners are no longer limited to just one color, setting, or brightness. Pool lighting is now completely customizable and can be changed throughout the day to your liking, depending on the occasion or time of day. It can even be timed to other water features in your pool, such as bubblers or a fountain. 

Pool Dreams Come True

We are in the dream building business, and want to work on your pool next! 

The only question is … are you ready? 

At Darlington Designs, we’re committed to making your pool dream a reality. Contact us today at info@darlington-designs.com or call us at 856-442-0440. We proudly serve local neighborhoods in southern New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia region. 

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