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Four Home Design Trends with Construction Companies in New Jersey

Benefit from the Expertise of a Top Design Build Company in NJ

Wonder what’s new in construction and home design trends? Whether you’re interested in building your own home, upgrading your space, or redesigning for the purposes of a resell, we can help. Among quality, dependable construction companies in New Jersey, Darlington Designs can be found at the top of the list. We create one-of-a-kind designs that reflect your unique vision and bring them to life with our excellent craftsmanship. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in luck. Below, we discuss some of the top trends in home improvement, all of which we bring substantive experience to as a top design-build company in NJ.

1. Sunrooms

One of 2020’s top-trends is the return of the sunroom. If you’re one of the few fortunates with a sunroom, chances are it’s your favorite space in the house. Filled with natural light during the daytime hours, sunrooms offer a comfortable space to relax and check out the outdoor landscape. Traditionally, they’ve been treated as an escape from high-tech living rooms, giving you a closer connection with nature. 

The first sunrooms probably evolved from screened-in porches, where their inhabitants could enjoy the outdoors without the drawback of dirt and debris. Today, sunrooms have become a high priority for both new and historic constructions. They can incorporate a variety of styles, like French doors that spread light into the rest of the house. Or, brick-encased windows and modern glass ceilings. A sunroom’s interior design can be as artful or minimal as you prefer!

Beautiful family room open to the outdoors with high ceilings,multiple windows, and a couch hanging from a chain.

2. Living Kitchens 

Move over, leisure rooms––the kitchen is the place to be! The days of isolated, back-burner kitchens are over. In their place are large, airy kitchens designed to bring people together around the stove. While it’s unlikely that the all-white kitchen will ever go out of style, today’s trends prioritize natural elements with pops of color. The idea is to create visual connectivity between your kitchen and outdoor space with common design features, using the same colors, textures, or finishing materials. 

Or, you might opt to build a separate outdoor kitchen, a popular choice for people who like living by the pool during the summer months.  

We’ve also seen a shift towards expanding a kitchen’s functionality, all the while keeping traffic flow low. Double islands conveniently divide the area between meal prep and dining. With the addition of dual sinks, cleaning up can be social yet efficient!

3. High Ceilings 

New homeowners are increasingly naming high ceilings as a must-have feature––and for good reason. Imagine yourself walking into your family room/den but with the ceilings elevated. There’s an immediate sense of space, air, and light. High ceilings add elegance and luxury while opening up the room (people often don’t feel cramped in a room with high ceilings). 

High Ceilings also provide versatility in design. For example, you can go contemporary with pendant lights, add beams and a fire pit for a rustic feel, or install chandeliers for an Old World look.  

Aside from the aesthetic value of a high ceiling, there’s even scientific data that they may foster creative thinking by stimulating the brain. A 2007 study in Science Daily showed that the way people think and act is affected by ceiling height. Ceilings were modified to test how participants performed under different conditions. The results? Participants placed in rooms with ceiling heights of 10 feet completed the mental exercises more efficiently and creatively than those in rooms with lower ceilings. Our take is, why not try it out and see if your projects (or your children’s homework!) stand to benefit?

Gorgeous, tall, brick fireplace with wooden mantelpiece

4. More Windows

The high-ceiling vogue has seen a corresponding rise in window additions—sky windows, arched windows, bay windows—you name it! A Darlington Designs creation, the image above is an example of the ways in which people are combining window features to evoke a light, airy atmosphere.

Arched windows incorporate soft curves to complement the sharp lines of traditional windows and doors. Both elegant and striking in appearance, arched windows add a unique design element that doubles as a visual focal point.

Sky windows, also seen above, add natural light and beautiful visual patterns from refraction. The extra light and potential energy savings are especially attractive for homeowners during the winter months. In the summertime, sky windows give the room an outdoor feel within a cool, air-conditioned space. All in all, windows can be an ideal option for homeowners interested in improving their indoor experience and raising the value of their home.

Build Your Dream with Darlington Designs

There may be a number of construction companies in NJ, but few use the design-build model because of the expertise it requires. Darlington Designs is a leader among construction companies in New Jersey thanks to our commitment to excellence every step of the way. We offer home design and building services which seek to realize our clients’ unique vision. 

Every person we work with has an idea about what they’d like their home to be like. Our job is to help them define and sharpen that idea and give them different options for achieving the desired effect. We then bring the idea further toward fruition by drawing up the design with all their final choices. Once the design is approved, our talented construction crews begin the work of bringing it to life. 

From start to finish, Darlington Designs prioritizes quality, transparency, and expert craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a design-build company in NJ, then look no further. We’d be delighted to help you with your home creation, indoor or outdoor. To contact us, please call 856-442-0440 or fill out the project form at the bottom of our construction page.