Darlington Designs

Be the Shining Star in the Neighborhood

We’ve all just set out our pumpkins and corn stalks as leaves have begun to turn color. It seems like summer was just at hand, yet it’s time to turn attention to the most wonderful time—the festive holidays celebrated at the end of the year. There are few ways that brighten things up better than a home accented with an array of holiday lighting.

As the days are shorter and the nights longer, holiday lighting gives us brightness in times of decreased natural light. Lights in winter are also symbolic of the metaphors of light that are meaningful in the major faith traditions that are celebrated at the end of the year: Christians associate light with Christ, their light of the world. People of the Jewish faith celebrate the Hanukkah with lights on homes as well as on Menorahs. Kwanzaa is celebrated with seven candles lit in a kinara, symbolic of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Other groups celebrate the winter solstice with festivals of light. Whatever the reason behind celebrations, we love lighting up the night. We also love to welcome our friends and families to our homes for holiday parties their approach to our homes lit along the way.

It’s also a great way to bring cheer to the neighborhood with groups of homes decorated with lights on the outside to compliment the holiday lights visible through windows.

How are professionally-installed holiday lighting programs better? First off, no work for the homeowner. Our experienced crews set up the lights while our clients are at work or otherwise busy—and then all our clients need to do is power-up. Next, we use for-the-trade only commercial lights that have sturdier, better quality wiring designed to last for years. We also provide “lighting house calls” when lights don’t work. At the end of the season, we take everything down and pack it away in storage crates to be ready for re-installation next year.

We offer a variety of packages to suit every budget. We offer a basic home outline package that includes the outline of the front-facing roof areas. Then, there is the roof outline package that outlines the remaining areas of the roof—top and sides. We also offer mini lights for landscape and motifs such as lit wreaths and snowflakes for windows and garlands for rails and porches. With the different packages available, some clients add to their holiday lights each year to build on the drama!