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Five Unique Pool Shapes From Your Custom Pool Builder in NJ

You Will Love These Custom Swimming Pools in NJ!

As the summer months draw near, we’re all thinking about how to make the most of our time outside. Whether used as an aquatic playground for kids or a tranquil getaway just steps from your home, a swimming pool is the perfect space to enjoy during the summer. A natural gathering place for friends and family, a beautiful pool becomes the backdrop to make memories together––memories to last a lifetime.

When you can build a pool that matches your dream outdoor space, the memories made are even more special. After all, who wouldn’t want a space they can truly call their own? Unfortunately, most people don’t even consider custom-building as an option because they aren’t looking for a custom pool builder in NJ. That’s where we come in! At Darlington Designs, we’re dedicated to discovering our clients’ vision and bringing it to life. But, what if you’re still trying to figure out what your ideal outdoor space would look like? 

Below, we’ve put together a list of inspiring ideas for custom swimming pools in NJ

1. Infinity Edge 

The term “infinity pool” is interchangeably used with “vanishing edge pool” or “negative edge pool,” which have one or more exposed walls that are a fraction of an inch shorter than the water level. Combining math and science, the water flows over this edge into a hidden catch below. When positioned high or overlooking gorgeous scenery, the infinity edge creates a dramatic visual effect. An infinity pool also works well for a property surrounded by natural lushness, whether forest or custom landscaping. 

2. Classic Rectangle 

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, a classic rectangle pool will never go out of style. And, it also often coordinates perfectly with its surroundings. The clean edges will reinforce the beauty of your home architecture, creating an aura of sophistication and elegance. And, don’t let your imagination stop there—when joined with an infinity edge, this inground pool takes on even more character.

A rectangle can also serve practical purposes. Many people prefer the design for lap swimming. A lap pool should accommodate a swimmer’s strokes and turns, built with the length and width they deem necessary. You can even change the design to an “L” shape to get both a lap-swimming area and a fun-and-games area. 

3. Freeform Pools 

Freeform pool featuring a waterfall and inbuilt spa, with a stone patio and three lounge chairs.On the opposite side of the spectrum, a freeform pool offers an organic feel with gentle curves and circles. Their contours don’t have to obey the rules of geometry, making them a highly customizable option. A freeform design allows for greater flexibility in blending a pool with its surroundings so that it comes across as a natural body of water. It’s also an excellent choice if you have an asymmetrical space available. The pool can be designed to fit into this area so that it enhances existing landscape features.

4. Geometric Pools

If your home has sharp lines and robust architecture, a geometric pool may be the ideal choice for you. Clean lines are paired with an elegant design that is customized to fit your property. Full of rectangles, squares, triangles, and other carefully formulated shapes, a geometric pool can be as unique as you wish! 

Special design features can be utilized to increase the exotic appeal of this type of pool, such as fountain bubblers, overflows, and spillways. A geometric pool will stand out no matter where it’s placed, making it an excellent choice if you’d like to add character to your outdoor space.

5. Kidney-Shaped Pools

A kidney-shaped pool looks like a long oval with a nick (indentation) on one side, evoking the look of a natural body of water. The niche can be used for a lounge space, landscaping, or to place a spa. Conducive to all types of outdoor areas, kidney-shaped pools are both simpler and more space-efficient than other naturalistic designs. The visual separation between the two sides of the pool also makes it easier to differentiate between the shallow and the deep ends. 

Seek an Expert Custom Pool Builder in NJ 

When choosing a pool contractor in NJ, you need to be sure that they have the requisite skills and experience to ensure a quality result. The best pool companies in NJ bring that ideal combination of building acumen, knowledge of regulations, and transparency in client relations. And, while many companies may be able to build your average vinyl swimming pool, an upscale vinyl or more customized models like our gunites involve high-level design and construction. 

At Darlington Designs, we provide a completely customized service to our clients because our goal isn’t just to build a pool. It’s to build your dream outdoor space. We work closely with you, meeting on multiple occasions to get your feedback on design development. Once you approve the design and budget, we’ll commence the pool building. Using only the finest materials and prioritizing a partnership with you, our team is focused on delivering quality—as a process and a result. 

We’re determined to take custom swimming pools in NJ to the next level. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, we encourage you to reach out to one of our Design Experts at 856-442-0440. We look forward to meeting with you and bringing your dream space to life!

Also, to learn more about our process and frequently asked questions, you can download our complimentary eBook “38 Questions to Ask Your Home Pool Contractor.”