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How To Renovate a House (And, Avoid Nine Common Mistakes!)

So You’re Ready to Renovate Your House…
… now what? 
As much as we’d like to tell you that remodeling your home will be a snap, we all know it’s a bit more complicated than that. 
Most people don’t know the ins and outs of how to renovate a house.

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Seven Important Tips to Remember When Planning Exterior Home Renovations

Ready to Make a Change to Your Outdoor Space?
You’re not alone. Interior and exterior home renovation have seen a significant increase in spending in recent years.
According to Statista, remodeling spending has steadily gone up from 2015 to 2019 as homeowners seek to improve their aesthetic experience at home. 
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Seven Pool Myths Debunked by the Top Pool Builders in NJ

Think You Know the Truth About the Pool Installation Process? 
Think again. 
Pool building is a complex process that takes many years to perfect. Due to its intricate nature, many misconceptions have developed over the years. Some even have homeowners contemplating whether or not to “take the dive” and build

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Communication Tips for Landscape Installation Success

Most good things don’t just happen by chance; they generally happen as a result of careful planning and are built on experience. The same is true for landscape installation projects. Let’s talk about the importance of clear communication as key to a successful landscape installation project.
The first step in

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A Winning Hardscape

It’s always hard, as a landscape professional, to meet with potential new clients who have either inherited a poor paver project or worse still, have learned the hard way about how to know what makes for a successful installation that will last for decades—because they currently have one that didn’t.
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Why Autumn is Important in the Landscape

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about the importance of rejuvenating lawns in the fall with turf aeration and re-seeding, but there are other important things to do in autumn. Why autumn is important to the quality of home landscapes? Specific things done in autumn are the first steps to

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The Heat is On (Part 2)

As we enter the early part of autumn, we are sometimes faced with hot, dry conditions. Even into October, we can have many hot days left before autumn brings on some cool. What will we see in our landscapes when these conditions prevail?
Faded Foilage Color
This is not at

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Be the Shining Star in the Neighborhood

We’ve all just set out our pumpkins and corn stalks as leaves have begun to turn color. It seems like summer was just at hand, yet it’s time to turn attention to the most wonderful time—the festive holidays celebrated at the end of the year. There are few ways that

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The Heat is On (Part 1)

Landscapes have certain needs in the heat of the summer. Here are some things to watch for as the season heat’s up.
Insect Issues
Sometimes, you see holes in the leaves of your plants. Don’t panic: most of the times, these are from small insects that eat leaves only during

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Let’s Talk Lawn

Americans have a love affair with their lawns. I wonder if this is due to the attachment we’ve always had to wide-open spaces that our forefathers and mothers encountered as they went west across our native prairie grasslands, of that they are somehow reminiscent of parks.
Whatever the reason, lawn

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