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Blue freeform pool surrounded by a brick patio and attractive greenery.

Five Unique Pool Shapes From Your Custom Pool Builder in NJ

You Will Love These Custom Swimming Pools in NJ!
As the summer months draw near, we’re all thinking about how to make the most of our time outside. Whether used as an aquatic playground for kids or a tranquil getaway just steps from your home, a swimming pool is the

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A view of an inground pool in a residential backyard pictured behind patio furniture.

The Expert Guide to Comparing Inground Pool Cost by Pool Type

Evaluating Which Pool Type to Purchase
Cost—it’s practically guaranteed that all pool buyers consider it a top decision-making factor. 
When you think of inground pool cost, do you think of the upfront costs, like the design, build, and installation costs? 
Have you taken into consideration maintenance costs? Or the lifetime

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Interior of family room featuring wood-paneled floors and ceilings and a fireplace surrounded by windows.

How To Renovate a House (And, Avoid Nine Common Mistakes!)

So You’re Ready to Renovate Your House…
… now what? 
As much as we’d like to tell you that remodeling your home will be a snap, we all know it’s a bit more complicated than that. 
Most people don’t know the ins and outs of how to renovate a house.

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Luxury inground pool featuring three lit coal pits on the ledge of the pool with water pouring into the pool.

Seven Upgrades That Make Dream Pools Even Dreamier

When you build a pool from scratch, it can be anything you want it to be. 
The possibilities are endless. Coupled with all of the latest advancements and technologies in construction, builders are able to bring dream pools to life better than ever. 
Darlington Designs has been specializing in the

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Shell of in-ground pool being built with large piles of dirt surrounding it.

What Is the In-Ground Pool Installation Process Really Like?

When you think about building a pool, you probably envision the end product. 
Don’t get us wrong, building a pool is all about the end product, but, sometimes homeowners overlook the work it takes to get there. 
The in-ground pool installation process is an intricate series of steps that homeowners

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