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Natural pond with stones is surrounded by a landscape with tall grasses, red bushes, and other foliage.

Seven Creative Ideas From Your Local NJ Landscape Designers

Nothing says luxury like a lush backyard, especially one filled with gorgeous landscaping ideas. Landscape design integrates a variety of elements to make outdoor spaces both more usable and relaxing. With well-designed landscaping, you can transform any boring patch into a dreamy escape where you can entertain friends, take a

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A natural-style waterfall adds extra pop to an outdoor pool area.

What is Landscape Design?

The term “aesthetics” is often associated with landscaping, as it means “concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.”  While good landscaping comes off as effortlessly gorgeous, making it actually happen requires a knowledge and application of aesthetic principles. 
At Darlington Designs, we offer professional landscape services that draw on

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Amorphous pool with a rock waterfall, surrounded by trees, a green lawn, and a stone path with nearby foliage.

Planning for a Pool: What You Need to Know

What To Expect When Building a Pool
As spring turns into summer, we’re all thinking about how to maximize time outside (especially after the months of isolation and quarantine at home). Many of us are feeling the need of a welcoming outdoor space even more keenly. The good news?

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Modern garden design with terrace in top view.

How Landscape Design Trends Have Evolved Over the Years

When choosing the style of your new home project, whether it be landscaping, kitchen countertops, new floors, or a change of paint, one key factor comes to mind: current trends. 
Homeowners constantly seek to achieve what’s “in,” but like many fashion trends, they’re often fleeting. What’s “in” one year

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Rustic wood boards create a shelf overlooking a bay window.

Four Home Design Trends with Construction Companies in New Jersey

Benefit from the Expertise of a Top Design Build Company in NJ
Wonder what’s new in construction and home design trends? Whether you’re interested in building your own home, upgrading your space, or redesigning for the purposes of a resell, we can help. Among quality, dependable construction companies in New

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Blue freeform pool surrounded by a brick patio and attractive greenery.

Five Unique Pool Shapes From Your Custom Pool Builder in NJ

You Will Love These Custom Swimming Pools in NJ!
As the summer months draw near, we’re all thinking about how to make the most of our time outside. Whether used as an aquatic playground for kids or a tranquil getaway just steps from your home, a swimming pool is the

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A view of an inground pool in a residential backyard pictured behind patio furniture.

The Expert Guide to Comparing Inground Pool Cost by Pool Type

Evaluating Which Pool Type to Purchase
Cost—it’s practically guaranteed that all pool buyers consider it a top decision-making factor. 
When you think of inground pool cost, do you think of the upfront costs, like the design, build, and installation costs? 
Have you taken into consideration maintenance costs? Or the lifetime

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